Monday, May 10, 2010

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.21 "Baggage"

Just a few quick thoughts this week.

And House is back for therapy. 6 month check up?
I’m liking the format of this episode already.
Alvie! :D
Let’s go in the doughnut shoppe and … oh, what a coincidence! She recognizes her!
Wilson still cares! Aww!
What’s the problem?! … OH C’MON! A COMMERCIAL?!
NO! Not Alvie!
House! Seriously?! Perjury?!
Well, that’s a more or less hopeful ending. :)
And Alvie hit the road. :(
But at least House is back at his old place. ‘s been a while.
Oh, that was a cold note to end the episode on.

Until next week, my scruffy pill poppers!

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