Friday, February 26, 2010

More snow

So ... it's snowing. It has been overnight. We have, according to the Weather Channel and the Weather Channel reporter visiting the area, 15 or so inches. It's currently still coming down. It's small flakes, but it's still coming down heavy.
I went traying last night with a few amigos on what I would consider to be the other side of campus. For those who don't know what it is, traying is sledding ... but with a dining hall tray or a garbage pail lid instead of a sled.  I had never been traying before. It was ... well ... fun! I went down the hill twice, wiping out both times. During the first run, the tray I was on came in contact with another tray on the course and I wiped out. The second time, I was trying to angle myself left, further away from a tree awfully close to the course and needless to say ... I got some snow in my pants or my shirt while wiping out. And a bit in my boots, too.
We were out from around midnight to 12:30 before we clomped over to the nearby dining hall for warmth. And some morsels, too. Nothing like a nice warm chocolate chip cookie with friends after fun in the snow.
I got this text from my dad earlier: "We've been w/o pwr since 9 last nite, how r u doin?"
I replied with, "Still have power. At least a foot of snow, I think. Probably around 15". Classes started at 9:40. Plows are out."
He replied with, "Kwl."
Really, Dad? You're over 3 decades older than me and you've sunk to typing "r" and "u" instead of "are" and "you"? I mean, yes, there's a limited amount of characters you can send in a text message, but we do have an unlimited plan AND you could've fit the full words in the entire message unabbreviated.
So ... I heard from my parents and brother earlier. School was canceled today and my brother didn't have school yesterday. They have no power and have had no power since 9 last night.
And for your viewing pleasure, here's a shot of the covered grill on the deck back home.
Apologies for the orientation of the picture.
Now, to brave the snow and make it to class without getting stuck in a snowbank or slipping and breaking a bone.

Allons-y, Alonso.

- Jason

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