Friday, January 15, 2010

365 Photos, Day 15: Lunch with Ryan

After seeing "Up in the Air", which was absolutely fantastic.


Alissa said...

Yo! Alissa of DB and Formspring here.
First off, that lunch looks fantastic.
Secondly, how was "Up in the Air" aside from absolutely fantastic. In other words, tell me more, because I want to see it but I dunno. I'm always so indecisive, and I have a lot of movies on my list. Why should Up in the Air be a priority (out of all the movies out there, I mean).

Jay said...

Hey, Alissa!
1) Yes, it was.
2) Okay. It was, in my mind, the perfect film for this time, as it looks at unemployment in today's day and age. And it goes deeper than that. It looks as the relationships one has while out on the road. And it also looks at how detached and alone people can become. It made me cry. And that doesn't happen too often.