Monday, January 25, 2010


100+ wall posts and status comments combined on Facebook.
21 @replies on Twitter.
59 on Dailybooth (some repeated ... so ... probably closer to 55).
And I'm 20. ...Wow.

The day started off uneventfully with a usual weekend rising time, followed, by the nightly online review, my daily cleansing, and breakfast. And that was followed by much relaxing. … Most of the day was relaxing, actually. I had calls from family members, birthday wishes on the web to reply to … and a bit of book checking and ordering to do. Lots of time to kill.
6:30 rolled around and I made my way on foot to Fuji San, where I met up with Greg, Amanda, and Jared (a last-minute invite). There, I received 2 classic rock wall posters: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I have to find some space for both of them. J
Dinner was nice. We made our way back in Greg’s vehicle to the dorm, where I had the standing offer of cake, which none of them turned down. They all enjoyed it. We followed that up with … oh, a good hour and a half to two hours of Apples to Apples. And did we have some good rounds! One that sticks out was as follows: The green card was dainty. The three red cards were Lucille Ball, Saddam Hussein, and Princess Di.
And it’s customary to tally up the green cards you’ve won at the end … so, apparently, I’m (see photo) … in bed. :P
After they all departed, I returned to my room, ran through the networking sites again, posted my photo for today, and went up and down the hall with an offer of left-over cake. A third of the leftover cake went that way. So … I have half of the original cake left. I’ll see if I can get that to fit in the fridge. And I returned to my room to find this (-->). Which was quite nice. J
Now, if you’ll excuse me, my bed is calling. First day of classes tomorrow … well, technically, later today.
One more year on this Earth. More adventures to come.
Allons-y, Alonso.

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Danielle said...

I'm still trying to figure out how one is 'mystical' in bed. In my head, it involves dressing up in a wizards robe and pretending to do spells....XD

Happy belated once again!