Thursday, December 03, 2009

2 Posts in One: Weekend Past and Mid-Week

Sorry for the deal, friends and readers. Busy times, late nights, rehearsals, class work, you get the idea. So, on with the post!

The Weekend Past:

Friday was a very fun and enjoyable day, to say the least. I got up early and made my way into NYC via a Shortline bus to meet up with one of my good DB friends, Allyson. We had nothing short of a stellar day in the city, hitting up first The Met (checked out a Greek and Roman art exhibit, a Vermeer traveling exhibit, and the Temple of Dendur), followed by MoMA (checked out the Tim Burton exhibit, which was fantastic, an exhibit on album art and music videos called Looking At Music, and a permanent exhibit with, well, modern art), the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, and Magnolia Bakery for a quick treat. This is more or less featured in my latest vlog.
We parted ways around 4 when we made our way back to our respective buses and our respective places of residence. The evening brought dinner out with the immediate family, my uncle and his family, and my grandparents.
Saturday contained a haircut and dinner out on Long Island with my other grandma. That was really it. But I did stop by my dojo in town to say hi to my sensei and see how his art gallery opening was going. You can check out some of his photos here, if you're so inclined.
Sunday was mostly the trip back up to college with Sam, Jim, Lorraine, and Hannah, 3 of whom made the trek back on Wednesday. The trip went smoothly, despite a spot of traffic as we got closer to college. And it was a tad bit cramped. Oh well. And I made it back with enough time in the afternoon and evening to finish up an assignment for my Journalism class and catch about 2 or so hours of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, which was pretty sweet. And, of course, there was plenty of chatting with one of my new good DB friends, Danielle.

Let's see ... Monday was mostly class, down time, a new episode of House, and more rehearsal. We're nearing the end of things, both class-wise and play-wise. Set building is this weekend, tech week is next week, and we open next Friday. I have a feeling things will be all ready by then.
Tuesday brought an attempted rally to bring Colbert to campus next semester. It was kinda fail. Only 4 to 5 people max showed up, including myself. :P I left about 45 minutes in to take care of some shopping for a toy drive thing I volunteered for and for my Dailybooth Secret Santa. Class later went well. And rehearsal went well, too. But I need to check my lines and blocking. To be safe and all.
Wednesday was all business, minus my Cinema class. Overall, this semester, I feel that, while the class has been interesting, I really haven't ... LEARNED much, I guess. Maybe next course ... Back to business! My group members and I got a bunch more of our English project filmed! Now all we need is the meatiest part, another 3 small parts, and little vignettes of sorts. The project should be up after all the editing is done this weekend. Hope to see it up on Monday or Tuesday. And the evening brought a Beyond Coal end-of-the-semester party and a Film Club meeting during which we discussed plans for next semester, watched one of our member's recent projects, and watched the opening montage from Up. Watching the montage after having seen the movie already ... brought crocodile tears to my eyes. And that was followed by rehearsal, which was fantastic tonight, filled with a few HILARIOUS moments that I didn't expect. To sum it up: pants and trays. That is all.
Alright. Regular posts should resume this weekend, provided that I have the time to do them. Now ... to hopefully do a spot of work and mail my DB Secret Santa package before class. TTYL!
P.S. If you want to ask me questions (anonymously if you would prefer), I have a Formspring, so either check the box in the sidebar or visit here.

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