Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Weekend Past: Downtime and DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!

So, Saturday I awoke from staying up later than usual to finish up the previous blog post after filling up my health meter. After finishing that up, I rushed over to a living community on the other side of campus to catch a matinée of a Christopher Durang play, "Betty's Summer Vacation", with my friend Amanda. I got into a bit of Durang phase during my time at the EXPLO summer program at Yale back in the summer of 06, which was when I started this blog ... wow ... *brain 'splosion* ... so ... I quite enjoyed this play. I kinda have a thing for slightly sick and twisted humor that breaks the fourth wall. ;)
The rest of the day was filled with mostly chatting with a few web friends on AIM, MSN, and Skype.

SUNDAYSUNDAYSUNDAY! ... No, there wasn't a derby, but there was the new Doctor Who special! But first came my radio show. I had a good show. Thanks to all for listening in!
Now ... The Waters of Mars! I went over to Steph's (a friend, classmate, and project member) and Ari, a station friend and member, brought over a projector, which we hooked up to her laptop. We had the pleasure of watching it on the big screen ... in a manner of speaking. I quite enjoyed it, especially the bit with the speeding up of Gadget. And I really enjoyed the character development of The Doctor over the course of the episode and how it set things up for the 2 parter that will close out Tennant's reign as The Doctor.
And I did manage to get a little bit of reading of I Am Legend done.

Monday was ... relaxing, perhaps? Cinema was okay, but ... lights out = ZZzzzz ... I'm usually okay, but I felt like crap for that.
I had plenty of time afterwards to get my reading and other work done, seeing as my Journalism class was canceled. No clue why. So I finished up I Am Legend by mid-day. It was a good read. I haven't read much Matheson. Maybe I should. I have read a LOAD of Bradbury, who is quite good.
My Monday evening progressed as it usually did: BC Media Meeting, new episode of House, and rehearsal. We're starting to ask profs for support for our cause. I quite enjoyed last night's House, but I feel a tad bit lost. I need to catch last week's episode. And in rehearsal, we ran through act 1, with a few stops and such here and there. It'll take a little time to cut it down.
And when a castmate (and hallmate) and I got back to my room after rehearsal, we entered to see my roomie flicking through the channels. When we entered, he flipped to one of the many HBO channels on campus. What was on, you ask? Hint: ♫ Bow chika wow wow. That's all I'll tell ya. He quickly changed it. XD

Before I run off, here are two fantastic links for ya that I found and got quite a kick out of. Enjoy!
P.S. No picture this post. I'll have one for Thursday.

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