Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sunday was all business. Prior to the show, I edited a few bits of my column before turning it in. It's viewable here. After that, I Skyped with one of my many new friends, Belle, and IMed with the Chatters. They're all fantastic people. The show went well. The podcast is up on the blog. I finished up writing the obit on my grandpa for my Journalism class after the College Humor Live show, which was cool.
The Pappys, the campus improv troupe, were hilarious as usual. Streeter and Jeff, two of the main CH people were quite good. They lectured the audience on the 3 rules of submissions (I don't quite remember the title they gave it.), which were embarrassment, pain, and shame. ... Or something like that. They proceeded to show some photos and videos as examples. This, which I found to be quite hilarious, was one of them. The stand-up comedian, Dan Levy, was cool, but his material wasn't as ... forceful? ... passionate, maybe? ... as someone like ... George Carlin, so I was kinda passing in and out. After he was done with his set, Streeter and Jeff came back on and had dare giveaways. They would show something on the screen (like a picture of "Weird Al" Yankovic or Miley Cyrus) and ask if someone in the audience could do a deed that went along with the picture (like name 5 "Weird Al" songs or sing a Miley Cyrus song). I stood up on my chair and quoted Gandalf the Grey. My prize? A "Viva La Evolution" shirt and College Humor's Guide to College. I think that that cements my geek status. Yes? No?
Monday was good. Cinema was okay, but I felt kinda neglectful because I was lacking a bit in the sleep department. I got a few more details for the obit, finished the darn thing and got it ready to hand in. I got to class with everyone else. The prof wrote the numbers 1 through 3 on the board. Item 1: Turn in obits. Item 2 remained blank. Item 3: Read 2 chapters in the textbook. He then went back and wrote in item 2, "Go and enjoy the rest of this Indian Summer evening." Thanks a ton, Prof! Just the relaxation I need!
After a bite and a short bit of chill time, I went to do some more phone banking for the Beyond Coal campaign. I was feeling out of it, so I left after about an hour or so of calling, in hopes of taking a short nap before rehearsal, but I got a slight bit sidetracked. What? It happens. Rehearsal was ... exhausting. But we almost got all the way through the pantomime. *phew* The only bad thing about the day, besides the not being fully there, was missing a new episode of House. Thank God for the internet.
Tuesday was, for lack of anything else, BUSY! In the morning, we had a Beyond Coal rally/news conference in front of the administration building to get the university president's attention to switch from coal to cleaner forms of energy. It went well, but it was a bit chilly, so my fingers started to look a bit like those of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Long ... spidery ... yeah. A bit later, I had the chance to register for classes. Didn't get into two of my first choices, but I was able to find 2 temporary placeholders. If I can petition into one class and get one of the internships I'm hoping for, then those two are going goodbye.
Both classes were good. In Music, we discussed the beginning of the folk revival with Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez. And the prof can do a humorous Dylan impression. :D I'm hoping to stop by his office hours to chill and get his opinion on a few groups that I've gotten into over the last year or so. Just to see what he thinks. We finished discussing Grave of the Fireflies in English and I got a look at the script for the faux infomercial that we'll be shooting. It looks good and I might have a trick or two up my sleeve as to how to find a certain person for a certain role. I won't say anymore about that now. After a bite and some more down time, I went to the showing of Coal Country, which was an interesting documentary, despite the fact that I had decent knowledge of mountain top removal coal mining. After a bit more down time, I made my way to rehearsal. There, we finished and ran through the pantomime. *phew* Hallelujah!
Now, if you'll excuse me, my bed is calling. I think that I need to heed its call a bit more. Enjoy the following video (which I got linked to by my mom. I love getting these chain-type e-mails from family. So touching!)!

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