Friday, November 20, 2009

Mid-Week: Uneventful ... Screw that! Twilight Rant!

Okay, so nothing special happened on Tuesday, except for the discussion of acid/psychedelic rock in Music and the end and discussion of I Am Legend in English. And rehearsal went pretty smoothly.
Wednesday brought video type stuff. My idea for my last project in Cinema (which I've already shot and will be editing once I get the film back) was critiqued and it's kinda hard for me to shoot any more film, so I'll be scratching and coloring the film. Meh. It's an experimental/avant garde course. It works. And my group started filming our video project for English. It's going to be SOOOOO good! Rehearsal went well, too, despite two cast members being absent.
Today was alright. I tabled a bit for the film club, learned about art/prog rock in Music, and we discussed vampires versus zombies in the book and the film version of I Am Legend, along with a possible cast if another adaptation was made, one that was truer to the story. Two potential cast choices: Paul Giamatti as Ben Cortman and ... gosh darn it, I don't remember who we thought of to be Robert Neville. Someone suggested Jeff Bridges, actually. The Dude as Neville. Nice! And we filmed another bit for the project after class had let out. The rest of the evening consisted of another BC group meeting, dinner, Countdown, a kickin' episode of Fringe, and good episodes of Daily Show and Colbert.
So ... that's really all I have. Umm ... so ... in anticipation of the release *fanboys* of Twilight: New Moon tomorrow, it's time for ... A TWILIGHT RANT!
I know that they're fictional characters and such ... but ... C'MON!
To Edward and kin: Vamps aren't supposed to be so emo and dramatic and such! They're supposed to strike fear into the hearts of their victims! Ever heard of Nosferatu? He was fuggin' creepy! You're creepy! ... But that's because of how you ACT. not how you LOOK and ACT.
To Bella: You seem so 1 dimensional! "Oh, I love you, Edward." "Oh, Edward, I still love you and I'm pining for you even though you said that you're leaving me." "Oh, Edward, let's get married and have babies, despite all of that previous business." "Oh, Edward, turn me into one of you so I can survive a horrible birthing process." SHUT IT, Bella! I've seen better from Hayden Christiansen!
To Jacob and kin: Since when are werewolves so buff and such? Have you seen The Wolfman? Or Teen Wolf?
To all fans: I hate to say this, but QUIT OBSESSING OVER THE BOOKS AND THE CHARACTERS! Yes, I was and still am a Harry Potter fan, but that's because the books and the characters were well-written! Your books are ... well ... drivel.
That is all.
(Note: The author of the rant has not read the books or seen the movies. And he has no plans too.)
Better not forget those two pictures! I took these the first on Tuesday and the second today.

And here's a great short I found the other day! Enjoy!

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