Wednesday, November 04, 2009


You know that your day is off to a good start when you wake up to your alarm, get ready to get out of bed, then look at the clock again to see that somehow it jumped ahead by 50 minutes and you have to rush to get out and on with the day. [/sarcasm]
So ... on with things, shall we?
We got back our 1st Super 8 projects and I was one of the few to present. I got some good feedback on mine. And I'm trying to find a way to record it to post it to the webs. That might take a little time.
We discussed obits and life stories in Journalism. Nothing really special, except for one or two humorous anecdotes. And we have to write on for Monday. On a real, dead person. Not a real living person. Not a fictional person. Not a fictional dead person. Just an ordinary dead person. Someone who you wouldn't see too often on the news. So no Michael Jackson or Billy Mays or Farrah Fawcett or anyone like that. I'm most likely going with my grandpa.
Paper-machéing at Beyond Coal meeting. God, I haven't paper-machéd since ... 7th grade? Mr. Lima's Social Studies class? Wow ... that seems like such a long time! Anyway, we started working on a paper-maché coal plant to bring to media events and such. My hands got quite sticky and hard awfully fast. ... Get your minds out of the gutter! Christ! ... But at least we got to listen to a fantastic Beatles playlist while working. The Beatles make anything better.
We actually got start rehearsing on stage for "Noises Off!" And the pantomime, which we
started, is making more and more sense ... logistically ... I think. It basically looks like organized
chaos. And we went late. :P

The lecture topic in Music today: THE BEATLES! ... That's all, really. All you need to know
about The Beatles in an hour and 15 minutes.
We started watching an Japanese animated flick called "Grave of the Fireflies". I think that
the new topic in class is differences between war in the US and in Japan. But sadly, the prof had
to leave early to get a chest X-ray. She hasn't been feeling that well over the last two or so weeks.
And we went late again. But at least we got farther along in the pantomine! ... But I was SOO

We learned about splicing and developing film. Kinda simple and methodical. Nothing exciting.
I hung around the station for a few hours today, took care of some stuff possibly for next
semester (maybe an internship), as well as listened to some new CDs, including Wolfmother's
newest album "Cosmic Egg." It's a cool CD, but I might have to take another listen.
I met with most of the group that I gathered for the "Robby's Kill Box" short film project for my English course. We tossed around a few ideas. I threw in what I have so far, which is a re-working/adaptation of sorts of the story for a college level. I don't know if we're planning on going with it. It sounds like we're going with an infomercial angle. Should be interesting either way. But I'll keep working on it as a contingency plan.
During each semester, the dining halls have theme nights throughout the months. Tonight was California themed food, including mako shark steak, fish tacos, crab cakes, and potato risotto for some of the main dishes and Ghirardelli chocolate cake for dessert. The shark steak was ... dry-ish? Tough? Not too flavorful? It didn't come apart as easily as something like swordfish. Kinda disappointed me. The crab cakes were decent, but then again, I haven't had crab cakes in a while. And as for the chocolate cake ... it was dry. And I might've tasted a hit of Ghirardelli chocolate. But then again, I haven't had Ghirardelli in a while.
We wrapped shooting for the 2nd episode of the current campus TV show that I'm on that's
not on hiatus. It's called "This Isn't Gonna Work". It's kinda like Seinfeld/It's Always Sunny in
Philadelphia. But on a college campus. It's alright. We've shot 2 episodes and we're hoping to
shoot a 3rd soon before we begin actually editing them.
We were split into two groups in the ever-dwindling film club to adapt an old poem about a butcher who takes a neighbor's sheep and returns it in various ways to his neighbors, like a sheepskin coat, a nice meal, etc. I haven't read through it yet because of all this other stuff I've been busy with ... maybe this weekend, if I'm not too busy.
Well ... we had only about an hour today. :D One cast member was out because he was feeling under the weather and the director decided to end early so we all could catch up on sleep and stay healthy and all.
... Which brings me to ask the question ... why am I still up this late writing this? It's almost 1:15, according to the clock. Well ... I don't have class until mid-afternoon tomorrow. ... FINE.
Night, readers. Sleep tight. Stay warm. Get enough sleep. Eat your fruits and veggies!

This was taken on the 25th on the way to the station. ... I might post more of these nature shots either as posts or at the end of posts. You guys like the idea?

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