Saturday, November 07, 2009

Half Done with the Weekend: Non-Motivation

Hanging around the radio station for a handful of hours on a Saturday isn't the best way to be productive.
Thursday mostly contained going over notes for my Music test, which went pretty well, except for one or two identifications. We finished watching Grave of the Fireflies in English. The Pop meeting in the evening went well and I met another cool apprentice. And I learned about media advisories and releases for my new position in the Beyond Coal campaign on campus. :D And I made it back in time for the new episode of Fringe! Alright! People turning to dust! Licorice! Oh, and Jon Stewart did a fantastic and hilarious job lambasting Glenn Beck on The Daily Show. XD
Friday was decent. I took care of the usual Friday chore, as well as making a new video (involving Jack, the pumpkin I carved about a week and a half ago) and doing a few pieces of station business (the weekly PR meeting and making a promo for the Pop Department). The evening brought the station post-Halloween Halloween party/mixer. Costumes were optional. But people still dressed up and it was quite fun. I went as The 10th Doctor again. And I won "Most Fitting Costume". :D And I did catch most of Army of Darkness. ... With riff tracks provided by station members. I'll catch it in its entirety sometime soon.
Well ... here we are. This post has come full circle. So. Today. Yeah.
I spent roughly 5 and a half or so hours chilling in the radio station. I listened to a handful of CDs from the New Bin, looking for stuff to play on tomorrow (well ... today, now that you think about it). I ended up taking another listen to Wolfmother's new album (Cosmic Egg), which is good, but doesn't quite have the hard driving 70s sound that their debut album had. The new Weezer (Raditude) is okay, but then again, I haven't heard a whole lot of Weezer, just a few songs here and there. I haven't heard much Flaming Lips either, so their latest album, (Embryonic) isn't as accessible to me as it probably would be to a dedicated listener. But I did find the new Carbon Leaf (Nothing Rhymes with Woman) and the new Noah and the Whale (The First Days of Spring), both of which sound quite cool.
While there, I chatted with the members of the Chat, who are a fantastic bunch of people. I also Skyped a bit with 2 wonderful web friends, Michelle and Alisdair. This is honestly why I love Skype. You can talk instantly with friends in all parts of the world for free, as long as they have an internet connection and a computer. And a webcam for face-to-face chats never hurt.
The rest of the night was dinner, a bit of Dirty Jobs (one of the recent episodes in which Mike went to Hawaii to do window washing), more time in the Chat, some column writing (maybe I'll pound out the rest of it before turning in), and a bit more researching for the obit I'm writing for my Journalism class.
And SNL, which was a bit better, but still ... meh. The Fox News cold open was well done, except for the fact that Shepard Smith was portrayed as more in the favor of the other anchors and personalities at the channel. While I'm not a fan of Fox News by any stretch, I do applaud Shepard for being more rational than, say, Greta Van Susteren or Glenn Beck. ... But then again, anyone is more rational than Glenn Beck. As for Kristen Wiig's character Penelope ... she's just dull and not humorous. Like Jean K. Jean. I just don't find them funny. Maybe it's a difference of opinion. Or sense of humor. Meh. Taylor Swift did a good job hosting and performing, though. Maybe I'll check out some more of her stuff.
Also, during the day, I came up with a new idea for my final project for my Cinema class. All I need now is the camera. Which I'll most likely get tomorrow. Then, I'll need to reach out to a whole lotta web friends ... and some IRL friends, too. What's coming? You'll see ... eventually. ;)
*yawns* Okay, it's late. I'm beat. Let's see if I can quickly wrap this thing up and hit the hay so I can be awake enough for a Skype call, my radio show, and the College Humor show tomorrow.

(Note, I didn't take this photo. I found it here.)

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