Saturday, November 14, 2009

End of the Week: Major Epically Late Post

Wow ... this is what happens when you stay up late trying to do some reading, get distracted by Misery on The Weather Channel, and AIM/MSN.
Alrighty. Wednesday. Cinema was interesting. We watched some found footage short films. Like reworked and reedited films and stuff. One was footage from a porno with the women edited out, thanks to nail polish and bleach. It was ... interesting ... to say the least.
The rest of the day went as follows. I met with the group I organized for my English project. We went over the script for the short a bit more and we discussed getting a cast and props and such. Later in the evening, I attended the meeting for the film club. The adaptation we're working on seems to be going nowhere fast. I mean, I really like the idea of the club, but it's kinda running out of gas. I cut out a little early to make my way to a hall meeting. The main thing discussed at the meeting was the winner of the hall sweatshirt design. It's basically the Kanye meme. *sigh* It's getting old! *Kanye enters* Yo, Jason, I'm gonna letchu finish, but I just wanna say that - *I whip out my boomstick* You had better move those little legs of yours, Kanye! Hope they can support your ego!
Now ... where was I? Oh, right! Rehearsal went well. The pantomime is moving along nicely. Oh, and we had graham crackers with frosting as a little treat. Yum! ... And some sardines, too. Only one of the cast sampled them. Not for me, really. Tried anchovies once, and ... yeah. Not my thing.

Well, the Mother has been telling me to get off my ass, for lack of a better phrase, and get stuff done. I have been. I've been going to class. I've been talking with the profs. Over the last week or two, I started the motions usually seen in those trying to get internships. The one I was trying to get through the Rhetoric Department fell through, but I managed to get one with the Media Relations Department on campus. Doing video stuff. And I'll be getting credit for it. I mean, it's a hobby and it's something that I enjoy doing, and I'll be getting credit for it ... Win?
Music went well. The 3rd song ID quiz we had went quite well. Piece of cake, really. But I was kinda freaking out that there would be one or two heavy metal songs on it. I mean, there's nothing wrong with heavy metal, but it's not my scene. Later that evening, I was planning on meeting up with the prof at his office hours to get his opinion on a few groups, including Owl City and Amanda Palmer, to name a few. That was pushed back to Tuesday.
English was great. We started watching I Am Legend instead of a documentary about people in LA/Hollywood who dress up and pose as superheroes and such. I'd seen I Am Legend when it was out in theaters in 07. I thoroughly enjoyed it. While we were watching it, I took notice of a few things that made the film so good. In fact, after we finish it up, I'll probably write up a little post about it. Perhaps a review. Or perhaps what I loved about it. We'll see come Tuesday. Or Wednesday.
Following that was another meeting. I'm now also helping out the Grassroots arm of the Beyond Coal campaign. We're going to be canvassing in classes to get more petition signatures of the next week. Shouldn't be too hard.
I made it back with a little time to spare before the new episode of Fringe, which was fantastic. I could kinda figure out the main twist about 15 minutes in. But the ending ... OMFG! This is one of the reasons why I love this show. So much more mystery! Gah! I wanna learn the entire mythology NOW but I can't! The suspense is killing me! ... And it's also why I keep tuning in.

Friday was ... Friday. I helped out a bit with more tabling for the station. And I met a band called Love and Logic that came to perform on air. They seem cool. Picked up one of their CDs. I'll have to sample a few tracks and maybe play some on tomorrow's show.
After that, I met up with my friend Jared (the one with the demon puppet) and we finished editing the script for the project we're working on. Let's just say this: it's going to be hilarious and it's going to be ... okay, that's enough.
Later on, fun Skype times ensued. I chatting for a short while with Ilse, who is making her way back to the Netherlands, about differences between the US and the Netherlands, as she spent a few months couch hopping across the US. After that, I hit up my good friend Ally, who I got my painting from. She's been quite well, which makes me quite pleased, despite receiving killer bruises from rugby.
After that (and some ramen ... what? The dining hall had breakfast for dinner. Not really my kinda thing now.), I discovered that Misery was on The Weather Channel. It was good. Hadn't seen it before. And I'm a Stephen King fan and all ...
Before, during, and after that, I was on AIM and MSN with a load of web friends, as I have been for the last few weeks or so. I have met so many fantastic and caring people over these last few months. God, I love social networking. Thank you, Janeen, Dave, Michelle, Gia, Spont, Michelle (another Michelle, mind you), Rich, Dustin, Erin, Danielle, Anne, Janelle, Ikirak, Ally, Ally (yes, another Ally), Brian, Ilse, Lidewij, Travis, Liz, John, Rachael, Lori, Chris, Bryn, Allison, Chris (yes, another Chris), Erika, Anna, Kayla, Paige ... everyone. Thank you all for the fantastic, fun, and humorous chats we've had so far. I await even more.

Later, everyone!
Oh, and before I forget, here's the entertainment of the day.

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