Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Weekend Past: Family, Chatters, and Good Times!

So I’ve decided that I might do this every few days. By this, I mean a recap-type post. I’ll probably keep the weekly check-in going, but I might change the format of it a bit. We’ll see come Friday.
Let’s get on with it, shall we?

More planning for the radio station post-Halloween Halloween party at the station PR meeting. I’m so pumped for it. My costume is all ready.
I was hoping to have a Skype chat with Belle, a friend from Dailybooth, but she got caught up with a few other things. We’ve rescheduled it.
Noises Off! rehearsal went well. The show is coming along well!
I went to Laser Tag at the Old Union (Long story short, the Old Union was the original building, but a new adjacent building was constructed and the Old Union underwent renovations. The Old Union is referred to as the New Old Union. And the New Union is referred to as the Old New Union. Got all that?) during Late Nite (which the Student Association puts on as an alternative to going out and getting wasted underage). It was alright.
More or less, playing Laser Tag in a proper Laser Tag setting (i.e., black lights, smoke machines, neon colors and such) is a bit better.
I also checked out a Windows 7 demo. I would’ve preferred a hands-on demo, but I’ll check it out at Best Buy or one of those tech stores next time I’m in one.

The Parents and the Brother came to visit! Joy all around! … Eh … well … kinda. The Brother discovered the Star Trek communicator toy I had won. It was almost like he wouldn’t stop touching it. I was kinda afraid that he would stick it down his pants and walk out with it. But he didn’t. *sigh of relief*
But we did hit up a few good restaurants in the area, one for lunch and one for dinner. Lunch brought us to a nice healthy-type place called the Lost Dog Café that we frequent. They have some really good dishes. Dinner brought us to a fantastic place called Number 5. The dishes are a little on the pricy side, but they’re well worth the cash. We ate out with family friends (a couple and their daughter, who also attends college with me). Good times all around.
I made it back to campus early enough to catch the earlier show by the mentalist/illusionist who was performing as a part of Late Nite. He was alright.
Afterwards, I wandered back to the dorm and chilled for a bit before heading back to get my handwriting analyzed. I haven’t had it read before, but last year around this time, I got a Tarot reading and a palm reading. I took those words somewhat to the wise. With the handwriting analysis, I took the results a bit more seriously. I really don’t know why. It got me in a bit of a state and I made this.

But I’m feeling much better at this point and time! :D

Later that night (after pulling some stuff for Sunday’s show), I went to a concert in the Undergrounds (where Late Nite holds concerts and such). The performer was Gregory and the Hawk.

Quite good, if I do say so myself! I ran into a few friends from the station there. It’s always good to run into friends at shows.
After getting back to the dorm, I had a pleasant Skype call with Paige, who is teaching in South Korea. Quite an interesting person! I just love being (virtual) friends with so many cool people!

While still mulling over the handwriting results from Sunday, I finished preparing things for my show. The show … well, it was fantastic. I had what seemed like a much wider audience this past weekend, seeing as I recruited and gained a bunch of my web friends as listeners. God damn, I love social networking. Thanks a ton to Dawn, Kayleigh, Ella, Dan, Jen, Erin, Bryn, Chris, Emma, Liam, and Josh for tuning in. You guys are the best! Thanks for all the moral support prior to, during, and after the show!
Afterwards, I came back to watch some of Ilse and Kim (two newish friends from the Chat) live on BlogTV. It was a good time, from the segment I saw.
I also started (the latest I’ve started, mind you), my latest column, which should be out now. I finished it after the Op-Ed staff meeting, which went smoothly as usual.
That was roughly it for Sunday. But I also did catch 60 Minutes, which I probably ought to check out a bit more often. One or two interesting stories on Sunday. And Andy Rooney, of course. You can’t go wrong with a little Andy Rooney.

Cinema class was okay, as usual. The Cinema department mostly focuses on experimental/avant garde cinema, which I don’t have a problem with, but I’m more of one for narrative cinema. You know, something that is both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating. So … not Transformers 2.
I swung by the radio station for a bit before heading off to drop off a few things in my room, check the mail, and get the swine flu shot. I got a postcard from the fantastic MrHollick.
And as for the swine flu shot … I got it just to be on the safe side, you know. I ended up going with the injection as opposed to the nasal spray because of my asthma.

Yes, I have asthma. But it’s mild. That’s why I can still breathe after running across campus to get to class on time. But I haven’t had to do that too often. I’m on time for my classes. Not to worry. Anyway, after getting the shot, I hung in the post-vaccination rest area for a few minutes recuperating (in case I was feeling dizzy or anything like that). There was another student there by the name of Emma. She was looking a bit nervous and not too good. I asked what was up and she said that she had something called vasovagal. As I was leaving, a folding cot was brought out for her, along with an oxygen tank. I hope that her condition improved quickly. And on another note, I’m glad that I got the shot when I did. As I was leaving, one of the people staffing the clinic was turning people who wanted the shot away because they had run out of injections.

My Journalism class later that day was quite good. I moved to the front. Why? There was an open seat. And the guy in the front seems to be a cool kid. And he’s usually on top of news stories. The prof asked if I had gotten any bad reactions from my column. I mentioned that I had gotten a lot of positive feedback from friends and classmates who read it, along with some family. Inside, I was ecstatic! My Journalism prof reads the campus paper and read my column!!!! :D

As for the evening, I polished off some food that the Parents brought up on Saturday. Thank God for home cooked goodness! After getting dinner in my, I ran off to the meeting for the Media arm of Beyond Coal, the campus group aiming to get the campus plant to switch to cleaner forms of energy, like water, wind, and solar. We spent about half an hour making pinwheels, a first for me. Noises Off! rehearsal followed that and last night’s episode of Countdown. Afterwards, I came back to write this, listen to some tunes, and chat with the Chatters, a fantastic group of people, which includes Brian, Angie, Katy, Lidewij, Ilse, Anna, Liz, Erin, Bryn, Lori, Spont, Michelle, Rachael, and Travis, to name those who I’ve been avidly communicating with.

And after a long (and a bit late, if I might add that) day, the Bed is calling me. Hey, want to stop wasting my minutes, Bed?

See you all on … Wednesday. Sound good? Or would Thursday work better? … Are you actually going to leave a comment? That’d be fantastic!

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