Monday, October 05, 2009

A Rant: Get My Kids Off of TV! And We Don't Want the Olympics In America!

Okay ... 2 topics. Let's go!

First off, Jon Gosselin. Jon, now that you're off the show, you want your kids off the air because it isn't good for them, in your opinion?! ... Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?! AS IN BEFORE YOU SIGNED YOUR LIFE OVER TO TLC!
*phew* That's one bit of steam.
Secondly, CONSERVATIVES! Yeah, Rush, Glenn, Bill-O, Hannity, Americans for Prosperity, and people from Fox News! Don't you realize that by bashing Obama for going over to Copenhagen to try to get the Olympics in Chicago (which IS in America, if you didn't realize that), you're bashing America! You guys are always talking about "America this," and "America that," and "Hey, we're America! We'll do what we want! We'll invade foreign nations to find fictional weapons of mass destruction and to get oil ... and to take down a dictator. Yeah. That too." Should you be all for having the Olympics in the US? ... I don't expect Glenn to notice it. He's usually out of his mind, so I don't see how he'd notice that.
*phew* I'm feeling better already!

Have a nice day, classholes!

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