Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Keith Olbermann's 3 Part Special Comment on Health Care

I have nothing more to say than to watch this.

This is powerful.
This is moving.
This is more personal than town hall protesters yelling about how they don't want socialized medicine. What about prolonging your chances of living if you're stricken with a horrible disease that takes thousands out of your pocket? What about saving your life if you need a kidney transplant, but your insurance company would prevent you from getting a transplant from one of your two sons? And what if these sons would have to be tested for preexisting conditions that would prevent them from donating a kidney?
Enough of Fox News and their compatriots and cronies and those in the pockets of big insurance promoting how great the US health care system is. We're 19th in the world in terms of health care. The UK is #16. Canada is #6. We're not #1. We like to think that we're #1, but we're not.
This is about us. This is about LIFE! Who cares about cost as long as you're in good health? If you feel good and have a clean bill of health, it feels like nothing can stop you. Let's keep it that way.
Folks, this is personal. Let's actually do something about this rather than bicker and protest and yell and shout.
Let's fucking do something.

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