Monday, October 12, 2009

College Check-in: Weeks 5 and 6 (A little belated)

  • Cinema: Finished editing and presented my 2nd project to the class. Got more good reception. I'll upload it either on Wednesday or on Friday.
  • English: We watched a movie called Series 7 that poked fun at reality shows and violence on television. We also watched an interesting documentary called Murderball about the US Paralympic Rugby team.
  • Journalism: Interviewed the radio station's grandpa/mother for a profile piece that turned out quite good. Spent the last class discussing recent news events and why celebrities are in the news so much.
  • Music: We've been delving into the roots of rock and roll with the discussion of blues and jazz.
  • TV: More like "These Are The Shows That I Have to Catch Up On".
Glee: 4 episodes
Supernatural: 3 episodes
Fringe: 1 episode (not this past week's)
Heroes: 4 episodes
Dollhouse: 2 episodes
Psych: 1 episode ... or maybe 2
Now ... back to the list. I quite enjoyed the last 2 episodes of House, but I was expecting a Star Wars reference during the James Earl Jones episode. And we finally learned what happened between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere of Fringe! Yes! As for Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs, I quite enjoyed the season premieres.
  • Reading: I started a book called About the Author that I picked up for free during UFest at the end of August. Interesting so far.
  • Music: Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack. Go. Now. Listen. You will thank me later.
  • Clubs/extracurricular: Got into the cast of Noises Off! Pretty cool cast mates. The first rehearsal is tomorrow night.
  • Mail: Sent out some postcards for the Dailybooth Postcard Exchange. And I got one, too.
  • Radio Stuff: Sat in and covered for Faust (a.k.a. Adam, my 1st apprentice) on Saturday. Covered for Ras and Ari yesterday. The podcast of Saturday's show is up on the radio blog and the podcast of Sunday's show is making its way up. *phew* I'm pooped.
  • Miscellaneous: I was planning on going to Julia Nunes's show in NYC on Saturday (the 10th), but travel didn't necessarily work out. Maybe some other time. I also participated in a Pirates of the Caribbean themed trivia scavenger hunt on Friday (the 9th). The prize, you ask? The 3rd Pirates movie on DVD, a big bag of Reese's minis, and a foam pirate sword. :D
Well, I think that that's about it. Stay tuned to my Youtube, Twitter, and Dailybooth for more updates, etc.! I should be back here soon! Oh, and I'll be back on the air this Sunday at 3 PM EST. Check this Twitter for updates!

TTYL, TTFN, be seeing you, and allons-y!

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