Friday, October 23, 2009

College Check-in: Week 8 ... Not Quite the Full Week, but Close Enough


  • Cinema: Aquired a Super 8 camera and filmed my 3rd project. I set out with one focus in mind and ended up switching to a slightly different, yet similar focus.
  • English: We read and have been dicussing the first volume of “Y: The Last Man”. One interesting thing that arose in discussion was that if all the women died off, men would most likely off themselves sooner rather than later because they wouldn’t have any outlet for their frustration and anger. Women tend to do creative artsy things. Men get angry and “poke” things. … Poke meaning *image of a train going into a tunnel*. That’s how the term cowpokes came about. Cow herders (a.k.a. cowboys) tended to “poke” cows when they were out on the job, earning them the nickname “cowpokes”.
  • Journalism: Finished the article, which turned out okay. We discussed how the story of Balloon Boy (a.k.a. Falcon Heene) is such a good example of modern media at work.
  • Music: This week- Teen Idol Pop and Surf Rock. Sure, Pat Boone’s cover of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” is good, but the original … SO GOOD!


  • TV: More like "These Are The Shows That I Have to Catch Up On".

· Glee: 6 episodes

· Supernatural: 4 episodes

· Fringe: 1 episode (not the one from 3 weeks ago)

· Heroes: 6 episodes

· Dollhouse: 2 episodes (not Friday evening yet)

· Psych: 1 episode ... or maybe 2

· Mythbusters: 2 episode

· Dirty Jobs: 2 episode

Now ... back to the list. This week's episode of House was interesting. And that’s all I caught. :P

  • Reading: Started a Lewis Black book that I picked up during UFest. I’m enjoying it so far. Finished About the Author. Interesting read.
  • Movies: Hrm … Nada.
  • Music: Nothing new.
  • Clubs/extracurricular: The rehearsals for Noises Off! Are going well. We started blocking stuff out.
  • Late Nite: Last Saturday, I hung out with Jared a bit. We made pennants. And I rode on a giant tricycle. No picture, though. There are a bunch of things this weekend that I'm hoping to check out. Laser Tag, Windows 7 demos, and Sicko (the Michael Moore flick) on Friday. All start at the same time, but go on all night. Except for the showing of Sicko. A mentalist, a concert, and handwriting analysis on Saturday. The mentalist and the analysis start at the same time. The handwriting goes on all night, I think. We'll see how things go.
  • Mail: Sent out a letter to Michelle.
  • Radio Stuff: The show on Sunday went well. Got a compliment or two from DB people about my reading of Where the Wild Things Are. :) As for this Sunday's show ... we shall wait and see.
  • Web stuff: I’ll probably have a new post up within the next few days. The topic? You’ll have to wait and see. And as soon as we view everyone’s video projects in my cinema course (which should be Monday or Wednesday at the latest), I’ll upload my 2nd project to Youtube.

Well, I think that that's about it. Stay tuned to my Youtube, Twitter, and Dailybooth for more updates, etc.! I should be back here soon! Oh, and I'll be back on the air this Sunday at 2 PM EST. Check this Twitter for updates!

TTYL, TTFN, be seeing you, and allons-y!

P.S. I'm thinking about making a few changes to the frequency and style and such of my postings here. Perhaps Music Monday (talking about an artist or a song or an album)? Perhaps doing reviews of new films on Fridays after seeing them? Perhaps doing these weekly check-ins on Sunday, before the new week of classes start? Thoughts are greatly appreciated in the comments!

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