Sunday, October 18, 2009

Being Funniest is a Weakness?

I get these e-mail notifications from the Compare People app on Facebook every week or so and the overall results are usually the same.
Your friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:


best mannered
most likely to succeed
most tech-savvy


most creative
Umm ... so being creative and funny are weaknesses? Let me ask you this ... IN WHAT WORLD?!
I mean, I don't necessarily think that I'm the most creative out there. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of people who are more creative than me. I take what I see and develop my own ideas and techniques based around what I see in movies and other videos and such. People do that. It's kinda why we have Elvis impersonators.
And the funniest? Okay, I'm kinda funny, sometimes in the awkward Michael Cera/Jesse Eisenberg way and sometimes in the witty comments way, but I am by far not the funniest person out there.
But seriously, how is being funny and creative a weakness? Both of those traits/characteristics are beneficial in both male and female mating, so ... by saying that those are weaknesses, is that insinuating that I won't find a significant other? ... I assure you, I can and I will, but it's not my first priority. It's not my #1 priority to find someone with good looks, dump my load, and go on with my life. All I'm looking for right now is a good education, decent food, a roof over my head, good friends, and perhaps a lasting relationship. See? Not my #1 priority.
But then again, it's just a Facebook app. Why should it tell me what my friends think of me? I can just ask them myself. It's just a computer program. What do computer programs know about relationships and friends?
So, I leave you with this. Why do you think that being funny and creative are considered weaknesses here?

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