Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 More Days: The Last Mid-Week of October

You know it's going to be a good day when you walk out of the dorm, oblivious to the fact that your fly is down and you only notice it when you are walking back from getting 2 beverages from the dining hall. You feel a slight breeze. Something is ... well ... chilly. You look down. The zipper head is hanging out, not holding anything up. ... Yup, good day ahead.
That was what happened to me this morning.
So ... Where do we start? Tuesday, right?

- Only had my music class, which was still interesting. Part one of two of a lecture on Soul. The topic: Stax Records. Quite interesting! And we had the second of four music quizzes. Piece of cake! I totally pwned it. ... Did I just say "pwned"? ... I guess I did.
- English was off because the prof was out with pneumonia. :(
- And rehearsal went well.
- Found out that I did well on my 2nd Cinema project and my midterm grade was good, too.
- Missed another Dirty Jobs. :(
- Also, (I most likely mentioned this earlier, but) I have a new column out.

- Cinema was good. We learned how to use an 8mm projector. Piece of cake.
- Went to a hall/building pre-Halloween costume contest and pumpkin carving contest. I tied for first in the pumpkin carving contest with my carving of Jack Skellington. The prize? A can of color hairspray. ... No thanks. ... And as for the costume contest, nobody knew who I was ... and I lost to someone in a most likely store-bought French Maid outfit. GAAAAAAAAAAAH! HOW IN THE WORLD DOES *INSERT COSTUME HERE* LOSE TO A FRENCH MAID?!?! MY COSTUME IS WAY MORE FAMOUS AND WELL KNOWN BY A WIDESPREAD COMMUNITY THAN A FREAKIN' UNORIGINAL FRENCH MAID! ANYONE CAN GO AS A FRENCH MAID! I COULD ... but that would look really freaky. MINE WAS ORIGINAL, NOT STORE-BOUGHT, AND I PUT FREAKIN' EFFORT INTO IT! [/end rant] But here's Jack for your viewing pleasure. He looks better lit up.
- Good Film Club meeting. Borrowed Sunshine from one of the club members. Haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list.
- Good rehearsal. We've begun rehearsing the pantomime. :)
- Missed another Mythbusters. :(
- But on a brighter note, my long-awaited Scott Pilgrim poster arrived! Thanks so much to John and Amanda, two made-of-win people!

- Picked up my ticket for the live College Humor touring show that'll be on campus in about 2 weeks. Pretty excited for it!
- Took care of some Dailybooth duties (my photo and subbing for another Boother).
- Took care of collab channel video making duties.
- Had both classes today. Finished up learning about Soul (and Motown) in music. Discussed sound and its importance in films and how it affects what we think of songs (or which song covers/versions we prefer). And we're going to be starting a video project based on a short story we read called Robby's Kill Box. I have a few choice ideas for scenes that I'll be discussing with the group that I guess I'll be heading come this Wednesday. Hopefully, it'll turn out well.
- Went bowling with a few station members, which was quite fun. Haven't bowled in a while. A few years actually. And I feel that I did well. 2 spares and 1 strike with an end score of 86. Maybe the Dude was watching over me.
- Watched the first episode of Supernatural in a while (since the season premiere or the 2nd episode of the season). Quite enjoyable, as usual. I quite enjoyed old Dean. ... In a humorous way. Seriously, people.

Also, video-wise, I got 3 new videos up on my channel, for those interested (both those who are reading this on the blog or on my Facebook). The first is my 2nd Cinema project. The second is a response to a scientific study type video. The third is the first of three live They Might Be Giants songs from when I saw them back in May.
See you on ... hrm ... Saturday, maybe? Nah ... Sunday. Oh, and don't forget about my radio show! It'll only be an hour this week because of ANOTHER soccer game. *grumblegrumble*Ruining my master plans for world domination.*grumblegrumble* Check the show Twitter and blog for more info.
Be safe and have a happy Halloween! Allons-y!

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