Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dream Journal #1: Luggage and Penn Jillette

So, I had this dream last night. Not sure what it means, but if you have any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I got in the open trunk of a hatchback with other teens who I knew. We were working on learning lines for a play of some sort. I was handed a folder with contact info and information on the show. For some reason, the person who assembled the contact info hadn’t gotten my cell phone and e-mail address, but they did have my hotel room number on the sheet.
We got to the hotel were we were staying at and our luggage was either brought to our rooms or we brought it up ourselves. If the latter occurred, I don’t remember bringing mine up, though. I took the stairs up to the 3rd floor. No clue why I didn’t take the elevator. I was in room 333. Anna was in room 331. (One person per room? What?!) I got up to the 3rd floor, heard a disturbance of some kind the floor below involved throwing frogs or something, so I went down to check. Then, I proceeded down to the lobby, where everyone was gathering. The female chaperone said that they’d give people a little time to chill and change before grabbing drinks (for those who were old enough) and dinner.
Then, I somehow was at my uncle’s house, but it was way more extravagant and mansion-like than their house currently is. I was there with my parents, but my brother was nowhere to be found. My grandparents were there as well. My uncle was bringing someone to dinner. I forgot what hint he gave as to the person’s identity. He brought the person back from the airport or wherever they were and rang the bell. It was Penn Jillette. I shook his hand and mentioned that I’d seen him on Countdown or Real Time recently. He said “Probably.” He mentioned that he’d seen me in some action flick recently, which I knew nothing about. He pulled out a small thin camcorder with a fold-out screen. I don’t remember what he said to it, but he said something and angled it so we were both in the frame. I said, “’allo!” Then, I noticed Tom Milsom, or someone who looked like a British Youtuber, walking by with his CDs to be sold. I signaled a scribble, as in, I wanted his signature on a limited edition CD collection thing that I had bought earlier from him (not sure how that fit into the dream). He shook his head and kept walking into the house. Penn noticed my signaling and took out a pen and signed the bottom of the box with my name, with my signature style. We went into the house, and I looked for him, but he wasn’t there.
The family and I and Penn all were inside getting ready for dinner. I went to go change, passing the room of one of my two cousins. She and two of her friends were watching TV or a movie. I went to either a guest room or my younger cousin’s room to change. I got on a pair of boxers and realized that my luggage was in the car. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to the kitchen to ask my parents to get the luggage from the car. I heard the car starting, but nobody from the dinner party was missing. I ran outside in boxers and a towel. My mom yelled something along the lines of, “Where are your clothes? Get back inside!” I yelled, as I ran after the SVU, “THEY HAVE MY FUCKING LUGGAGE!”
And then I woke up.

So? Does it have something to do with giving up materials goods? I'm just guessing.

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