Sunday, March 01, 2009


Dreams are weird things. Surrealist, almost. And I had a really odd dream last night. Well, let me put it this way: I've had a few odd dreams over the past few week or so. Here are two that I can somewhat remember.

1) I was in a lounge room of sorts (or something like it) with two people. I don't remember who the male was, but the female was Tessa (a.k.a. Meekakitty). She was back in the States after a few months in Thailand for modeling. She was talking about starting college classes.
Or something like that.

2) I (in my present state, and by that I mean same age, but regular clothes, not pajamas) was sitting in a middle school or high school classroom. Neil Gaiman (neilhimself on Twitter and Youtube) was a guest speaker in the classroom and was talking about one of his works, or something like that. The specific details elude me. He finished speaking and began to walk out. I gathered my Gaiman stuff (a book or two of his) and followed him out, hoping to briefly speak to him and maybe get an autograph. I'm following him out into the parking lot. While I'm following him, a few people I knew in high school appeared and said hi to Neil before walking off. I was almost at Neil's side, when he suddenly faded away, while walking, mind you.

Now, I don't analyze my dreams. I don't have other people analyze my dreams. I don't believe in the Freudian aspects of analyzing dreams.
So don't ask me what they mean.
I just dream them.

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