Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In Regards to the Election-Fest (a Friend's note)

I'm a huge tool for posting this facebook note, but I need to get some feelings off my chest. I did in fact vote for Barack Obama, but this little diddy I've written is not to sway anyone's opinion on our current president. Rather, a reaction to some disturbing, racist, and closed-minded shit I've scanned over on my news feed. Enjoy :D

First off, everyone needs to chill out about BOTH Obama and McCain. Obama's presidency is not going to bring forth muslim propaganda, domestic terrorist attacks, the resurrection of Karl Marx and Stalin, or waves of zombie-ninja pedophiles. And if for some reason he IS in fact a socialist, or brings forth socialist fiscal policies to our country, who the fuck cares? Socialism, in small doses, may be what the economy needs (temporarily) to get its feet back on the ground. So let go of fucking Joe the Plumber, and see that our country is so fucked up, everyone has to pay to help restore it. And for people my age who are complaining about high taxes. YOU DONT PAY TAXES! YOU'RE 18!

And for the Obama fans who are stoked as hell, don't bad mouth people who were for McCain. He may not have been my choice (or the country's choice teehee) but he was far from being as bad as people made him out to be. He was a great man that unfortunately had to sell out his former moderate beliefs to gain support of the republican base. In short, he's not the antichrist; he was just a pushover with the antichrist as his running mate. And if he had won, who knows? Maybe McCain would have returned to his centrist politics since he no longer has to appeal to the republican base. It's not likely, but it's possible.

Anyway, if you've read this far you're probably like "Ok, Stephen Hilger? What the fuck is your point?" Well, I guess this is more of a response than an argument. Basically, if you were for McCain, bite your lip, stop saying racist garbage about our president, and support the country that you're apparently proud of unconditionally. And if you were for Obama, don't rub it in McCain-iacs faces. No matter who won this election, the next four years in this country are going to be fucked up. But the simple fact that candidates were ready to face the problems ahead, and didn't deny they existed like our last president, is a good sign.

So yea. Stop saying garbage. Open up your minds. And accept history.

And besides, no president can match Teddy. He had fuckin boxing matches in front of the White House!

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