Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watching the Emmys

I tuned in roughly an hour in.

Some great moments:
1) Colbert comparing Bush and McCain to prunes.
2) Paul Giamatti winning Best Actor in a Drama Miniseries.
3) Paul Giamatti stating that ANYONE can play the President.
4) Barry Sonnenfeld winning for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy for the Pushing Daisies pilot "Pie-lette".
5) The "In Memorium" video segment. I can't believe we've lost all those creative minds: George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Issac Hayes, Stan Winston, Sydney Pollack.
6) Jimmy Kimmel presenting the award for Outstanding Host for a Reality Show like he was hosting a reality show.

What I'm a little ticked about:
1) Michael Emerson didn't win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama. Ben is a phenomenally ambivalent character.
2) Hugh Laurie didn't win Outstanding Actor in a Drama. House is wicked cool.
3) Lee Pace didn't win Outstanding Actor in a Comedy. Ned is such a fun, quirky, humorous character.

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