Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarapalin2008? Who the ...?

Let me give it to you straight, folks. When I got back from my afternoon classes today, I found 11 video comments and one channel comment from a "Sarapalin2008". All of these comments were negative and contained language that would burn out one's eyeballs, much like Castiel's real form in the season premiere of Supernatural.

Below is a screencap of her Youtube channel.

What follows are quotes of what this user posted on 11 videos and my channel.

On History: Barack Obama's Nomination:
obama is a stupid n*****.

One bad day for history....but he is not going to win so thats as close to the Presidency he will ever get.....Jason even you have a better chance...

On Woman in a Man's Closet:
f*** you jason s**** weird mother f*****.

On Babies on eBay:
you are a f***ed up bitch.

On A Dark Knight Discussion:
you are such a f***ing freak!!!

On Get Smart Review:
Die bitch!!

On Burn After Reading review:
is this the vagina monologues?? are a talking vagina

Jack S****......F*** You!!

On 9/11, The Presidential Campaigns and Binghamton News:
Jason S**** are virtually incomprehensible!! Why???? You evil little f***!! Why wont you die!!! You are a disgusting c***!!!

On Comments on McCain News Stories and other things:
Hello "Jason the dumb-ass c***". The SEC chairman is appointed by the President and serves at the President's discretion. In all practical respects if any President asked a chair of a department to "resign" he/she would. Why are you so f***ing stupid? John McCain has more knowledge about the economy (and the accountability needed to build a strong economy) in his left testicle than you will ever have during your worldly existence.

On Odd Jobs:
your voice and uglyness makes me want to hurt small children.

On Who Are You, Sarah Palin?:
Who Are you?? Who?? Who?? Who are you?? The Next VP!! The Next VP!!

Jason S**** is a C***! C***! C***!

On Day 1 at WHRW: Empty Pages and Pump It Up:
Evil Troll!!! Why do you think people want to watch this SHIT??? You are a f***ing moron!! F*** off!

On McCain's POW Excuse:
He is a POW!! You have no f***ing idea what that means!! The only reason you have the right to spew the shit that comes out of your mouth is because of heroes like John McCain. You should thank him. Show some respect!

On Most Embarrassing School Moment:
Jason this shows how stupid you actually are!!! You really need to f*** off. I HATE YOU!!!

On Searching for Spotted Dick:
Wow you are so gay! Good thing! In the POW camp we don't have spotted dick but we have a good substitute which I believe you will find to your fancy....big dick.

You will never get spotted dick, big dick, small dick, red dick, green dick, definitely not no dick....just your dick

On We're Still Alive:
You are a stupid ass! Unfortunately are still here....f***!

On Football and Schoolteacher Polls and Sarapalin2008:
Jason you sound stupider with the fake ass accent then you normally do....nice

and you look like a terrorist Muslim!!! F***!! You are no American citizen......your a f***ing ape/man/woman... AHHHHHH!!!!

On my channel:
Jason S**** is clearly a malfunctioning failure...... he is clueless to the FACT that people do not want to fall victim to his truly retarded videos! What a royal f***ing waste of time! Spend the time you devote to this pure shit and get an education.....then plastic surgery.....but most importantly an education.....well actually plastic surgery is greatly needed.....well do both!! F***!! When I become VP I am going to put you in a f***ing POW prison camp so society does not have to suffer through your F***ING VIDEOS!
With Love, Sarah

A little too nasty, if you ask me, for a "VP candidate". Should I report this user? I think so.

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