Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Saturday the 13th

First off, let me say that this was a long day. I started off by having brunch around 11. I did some homework until about 3:30, when I grabbed a bit to eat, then headed over to the radio station for my first apprenticing lesson/radio slot.  The time passed quickly and was quite enjoyable.

The map of listeners worldwide.

At the guest mic.

And I have a rocking show!

Afterwards, I headed back to the dorm, did a little more work, and grabbed dinner. Then I headed back to the dorm, split up and posted the videos you see above, and headed out around 9:30 for Pirates vs. Ninjas Capture the Flag.  It was fun.  It was exhausting.  It was tiring.  It was wet.  It was rainy.  Now, I'm back here, in the dorm.  God, do I need sleep!


Philip Racuel said...

I was looking for sound bites for my show and I found your YouTube page. You may like my progressive talk show that can be found on my pae that is linked to my name. I remember playing Mister Blue Sky when I did college radio.

I hope that college radio really starts making your age group aware. This sick ass freak Palin is Bush on estrogen. More endless war and the plan is in motion (check out tomorrow's show)and I am certain that if they get their way and the Iranian invasion occurs, Congress will be forced to start another draft because troop levels are too low.

If you like my show send me an email. Keep on speaking out and yes, you have good taste in music on your show. Right now my show is just internet based since the progressive radio station (and the job) was eliminated by Clear Channel back in November!

Jay said...

Thanks for the comment, Phil! What kind of sound bites are you looking for?
And I hope that we don't go into Iran. We're already in the clusterfcuk known as Afghanistan and Iraq. We don't need to become embroiled in another conflict.
Interesting stuff you posted on your blog. Feel free to listen in. I think that I'll be on Saturdays from 5 to 5:30 EST on